Building Houses, Breaking Walls


29th of April, 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of May 

This is not a regular and typical conference.

During the Prison Insights you can expect inspiration and study cases. 

Over 5 moments you will find a set of organizations and people who innovate in the prison system.

Detention Alternatives

Present an alternative where deprivation of liberty is lived in houses which, grating an individualized treatment of each person and allowing for routines that are closer to a normal life in society, enhance resocialization and fight recidivism.

 Transition Houses

Contribute to the adoption of public policies that are focused on an execution of sentences that is increasingly humane and normalized with life in society.

  Network for a Successful Pilot

Contribute to the creation of a network between the various agents and decision makers in the criminal sector.

April 29|7pm

Are prisons just global repositories for the underprivileged? 

Baz Dreisinger (INN) talking with Lénia Mestrinho

May 6|12pm

How can space trigger reintegration?

Matt Dwyer talking with João Aires Pereira

May 13 |7pm

Can detention really work?

Éric de Villeroché (La Ferme de Moyembrie) talking with Manuel Tânger

May 20| 7pm

 Is customized service for inmates a real deal? 

Jan van Gils (Exodus) talking with Mariana Soares David

May 27|7pm

Community Integration - is it up to them or up to us?

Greg Boyle (Homeboy Industries) talking with Duarte Fonseca

“If there is a fundamental challenge within these stories, it is simply to change our lurking suspicion that some lives matter less than other lives.
United States of America
Greg Boyle
Homeboy Industries
Local time is working towards a concise description of how Youth Justice facilities can be best designed to improve outcomes for young people in custody, Youth Justice staff, and the broader community.
Matt Dwyer
Local Time
Mariana performs a significant part of her work drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, in matters related to the transport of hazardous products, product safety and liability and other consumer related issues, as well as in the resolution of disputes arising therefrom.
Mariana Soares David
Morais Leitão
“In other words, punishing people perpetuates destructive actions - and thus increases crime - by amplifying resentments. Forgiveness promotes social order and peace.”
United States of America
Baz Dreisinger
Incarceration Nations Network
Exodus aims to increase the chance of people who have already had contact with the prison system for a successful return to society
Jan van Gils
"Our prison system must be rethought in an efficient, effective and integrated way with the rest of society. That it be thought in the light of modern society and its needs." 
Duarte Fonseca
APAC Portugal
Manuel can provide a wide scope of insight into all the main industries and a fine-tuned vision of how companies can innovate their way to the future
Manuel Tânger
“Criminal recidivism is a neglected, unattractive, controversial and unquantified social problem. Until we put it on the agenda, we cannot consider ourselves a minimally advanced society. ”
Lénia Mestrinho
APAC Portugal
Architect driven by the concern that social inequalities always caused him, he has dedicated a significant part of his activity towards social issues
João Aires Pereira
"The secret to the success of this project also lies in our small size, which allows a closer relationship with each of the 20 residents”
​Éric de Villerroché
La Ferme de Moyembrie
In this different year we opted for the online version of Prison Insights, where we will be able to chat and meet new people and perspectives in the comfort of our homes

Remember Prison Insights'19!

“For me, Prison Insights‘ 19 was a breathtaking experience, in which, above all, we talked about new opportunities and new beginnings. ”
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